Myo Studios: The edge of the future!

This is just a temporary logo but it does mark the beginning of something great!


Welcome to the official Myo Studios website!


My name is Matheus DePaula-Santos and I’m the founder of this little venture into the new wild world of virtual reality. It’s challenging to pin down what Myo Studios aims to be, it would be like trying to plant a flag in the middle of the ocean; but in its simplest most basic form Myo Studio’s is a creative content studios dedicated to exploring the vast possibilities that recent advancements in VR technology can provide by creating innovative and engaging experiences. However, the VR is so much more then a new advertising method or the latest hardware gizmo. No, what really makes VR so exciting are the numerous of possibilities for new methods of storytelling and experience sharing on a level we have never seen before. Want to feel the thrill of sky diving without jumping out of a plane? Or challenge your fear of tight spaces by seeing experiences what it’s like to traverse massive cave systems through eyes of a professional spelunker? Or maybe talk with family and relatives from around the world as if they were in your own living room? Well Myo Studios aims to do all that and much, spearheading into this new world by developing new and innovating projects that will challenge, test, frighten, inspire, and delight users of all ages. And we’re not alone in all this, major tech players from all over such as: Facebook, Sony, Samsung, Apple, Microsoft and Google have all put in their bid into the future of VR but this is the wild west of tech so who knows what the future will hold!

So to you thinkers, tinkerers, dreamers, and imaginationists, we warmly welcome you one and all to the edge of the future.



Matheus M. DePaula-Santos

Founder & Chief Experiential Officer